is a voluntary organization, associating persons guided by a common interest with the goal of operating, supporting, organizing and steering firearm sport shooting activities. It is the sole organization in the Czech Republic representing sport shooting in the International Hunting Rifle Shooting Association (hereinafter the “IHRSA”).
It sees to it that individual competitions registered with CZHRSA are conducted in accordance with the rules issued by the IHRSA and according to the dispositions of the shooting range and the organizer.
It organizes top-level hunting rifle shooting competitions – the Czech Republic Championship, nation-wide competitions, and international competitions.
It organizes and manages the national representation in the disciplines steered by the IHRSA. Representatives of the Czech Republic are nominated by the Steering Committee of CZHRSA, exclusively from among the members of CZHRSA according to results achieved at nomination competitions in the individual disciplines.
It is authorized primarily to issue sport shooting rules, and to issue trainer licenses and referee licenses to CZHRSA members for the relevant disciplines within the scope of its activity. It carries out its activities throughout the territory of the Czech Republic.
It was established on 28 September 2018 and registered on 28 December 2018 with the Regional Court in Brno. Its president is Martin Šlechta.

This is a sport for hunters. It is the closest thing that one can compare to real hunting. The true purpose of this shooting discipline is to test and support the following elements and abilities on the part of the hunter: the ability to estimate distance, knowledge of bullet ballistics, and the ability to shoot from various positions and “under pressure” within a time limit, in order to achieve a good grouping at an appropriate (hunting) distance with his/her firearm.
Competitions must be structured in such a way so that all of the points mentioned below are fulfilled in the course of the competition. This means a varying, non-standard form of competitions, which tests practical shooting skills applied during actual hunting.
Competitions must be prepared and laid out in such a way so that special one-shot benchrest rifles or game silhouette rifles are not at an advantage in comparison to a standard hunting rifle. This sport is intended exclusively as a test for hunters with hunting rifles. The competition is a simulation of field and forest hunting conditions in such a way so that the hunter’s capabilities are tested, rather than just the capabilities of the firearm.
The promoters of this shooting discipline in the Czech Republic are: Jan Velík, Antonín Čech and Martin Šlechta.